Coping During Stressful Times and Compounding Losses – 2 Workshops $35 for both workshops

Workshop 1 of 2: 45 minutes – Coping Skills

Even if your divorce was years ago, what’s happening in today’s Covid-19 world can re-trigger the feelings of loss from your separation. This 2 part workshop class will lead you through exercises to assess your own stress level and teach you different types of coping skills and how best to use them. We will also go over tips for managing anxiety and increasing your overall sense of wellbeing.

  1. Assessing your stress level
  2. Different types of coping skills and how best to use them
  3. Tips for managing anxiety

Workshop 1 date: September 26 at 9a.m. PT / 12pm ET

Workshop 2 of 2: 45 minutes – Cognitive Reframing

Course Description: We all have distorted ways of thinking. That’s just part of being human! The problem is that the way we think controls the way we feel. If we are not thinking clearly or making incorrect assumptions, those thoughts can really get in the way of our being our best selves navigating life the way we want to. This workshop will teach you the basics of how to use the Circle of Control and Cognitive Reframing to get control of those distortions.

  1. Circle of Control 
  2. Cognitive Distortions
  3. Cognitive Reframing

Workshop 2 date: Oct. 3 at 9am. PT / 12pm ET


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