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Video call in 5 min? You got this! - Chapter 2 Club

Video call in 5 min? You got this!

I like to think of myself as pretty pulled together and prepared but things have certainly slipped in keeping up my physical appearance as we are in 5+ months now of working from home. And I have caught myself on a few occasions now where I thought for sure that meeting on my calendar was a phone call NOT a video call!

From what I’m hearing from my friends, it sounds like we’ve all been caught with our pants down ( . . . .literally . . . 🙂

Here’s a quick list of hacks I came up with in a very informal poll of friends on how to get ready in no time for that video call you weren’t planning on.

  1. Be prepared – ok this is dumb to say but what I mean is be “last minute” prepared. Have a few items at your desk or wherever your workstation is that can be grabbed in a pinch. A button down shirt/blouse, blazer/sweater, scarf — these items are great to have on the back of your work chair so that you can just slip it on top of your t-shirt, sports bra, nightgown (maybe?)
  2. Beauty – We are talking minutes here not a full face of makeup so let’s set the bar lower. But I think you can still pull it together in a few minutes with a hair brush and water and a ponytail holder (if your hair is medium to long.) Douse your face with water and sprinkle water on your hair to smooth out those strays and brush it.

Pick 2 things on your face you want to deal with for a “pulled together” look. Ok I’m cheating and will do 3 things – tinted moisturizer or concealer, lipstick (not gloss) and fill in my brows. There’s no time for eye makeup and on video I’m going for maximum impact for my face, a bolder color lip and making sure my light brows are filled in, makes a difference for me.

  1. Glasses – I only need glasses for reading and they help me to see when I’m on the computer but it’s a mild case. But I’m finding another bonus for wearing my glasses on a video call — it helps me look more pulled together. Especially when I haven’t done eye makeup. So even if you don’t wear glasses for a specific need — you might want to try some clear or fake ones for the frames. Super cheap and fun to experiment with.

So now that I have this 5 min. Routine down, I’m doing this almost daily. Why take 30 min to get ready when 5 min will do? 🙂

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