Trigger Management


Malinee speaks with Divorce Coach Rich Heller of Rich in Relationship about how to manage “trigger management” post divorce.

Why Do I Do This?

I was born into a family that was an ongoing “armageddon”.  To me, conflict, dishonesty, and confrontation were the norm. There were hints that my home was far from normal. Once I got out into the world on my own, the differences were glaringly obvious. That’s when my personal journey really began.

How Did I Escape This?

I got help from professionals. Engaged in self-help groups. Explored the world of spiritual practices. I got married saying I would NEVER get divorced. Then I got divorced. Fortunately, I had someone to coach me through that process who really understood the emotional traps. I managed to avoid going to war, learned to manage my triggers, and the divorce was relatively amicable and quick as a result.

I did remarry and my wife and I have successfully launched six kids into the world who are all in satisfying careers and relationships. My heart is always with family. I am fascinated by the way families work- or don’t at times. There are many kinds of families. My purpose is to help families of all kinds end the fight and build a more resilient future.  I have faith that there is always a way, and that confidence bleeds into everything I do.

I´m Doing What I Love

I´ve been there myself, that situation that for some reason you think can´t change but, deep down, want to change.

Oftentimes, my clients will tell me they wish they had found me sooner, so don´t hesitate when making the decision to call me! I want to meet you, I want to hear you and I want to help you out of that place!

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