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    If your husband and father of your children suddenly told you he had been seeing a another woman for over a year, told you he loved her and was leaving you to be with her, then 2 days later he comes back saying he’s sorry, he left her and wants to fix things with you…..would you punch him in the junk, break down crying, or hear him out? I’m torn between them. I’m SO mad. But also still love him. What would you do?


    Sounds to me like she left him. She probably enjoyed the secretive, mysterious affair but now that she’s had him around constantly for 2 days, she’s decided it’s not nearly as fun as before. I think it’s best to cut your losses. If he had an affair for THAT long, it was intentional and it meant something to him…..and it meant more than YOU do to him.


    I know you still feel love him him, hun. He’s only been gone 2 days! You haven’t had a chance to process or decide how you want to respond to this unfortunate situation. I think you should keep your own space for a while longer to really think about what you need in life and if he has the interest in giving you what you need. Good luck sweetie.


    Gross! Don’t let him come back! That’s a long time to be cheating on the person he “loves.”


    THIS is why I’m staying single for a while! I had a very similar situation and I did let him come back. Guess what! Yes! He cheated again. I was a fool for letting him come back. Take my example! Just focus on you and your kids for a while.


    He’s probably scared! Scared of being labeled as a cheater by family and friends. Scared of leaving the comforts of a house and routine he’s used too. It’s hard to hear it, but he’s most likely doing this for him. Not for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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