Moments of Desperation Can Lead to Creativity

I heard that quote the other when listening to a podcast about a startup business clothing company that had to pivot and adjust because we’ve mostly turned into a “Work from Home” society and people are not clamoring for suits or traditional business attire anymore.

That quote really resonated with me in thinking about our community at Chapter 2 Club. Even before Covid-19, we’ve all gone through some tough, lonely and challenging times in dealing with the breakdown of a long term relationship. And yet I hear from all kinds of women and there seems to be lots of glimmer of hope. 

I know that when I am down, like really down and feel very desperate, I’ve been able to think about a new creative project or an idea of something that I want to try out or experiment with. I don’t know if that’s my brain saying, hey — you need a break, let’s bake something or let’s solve that business problem that you were stuck on. I don’t know if it’s some kind of weird coping mechanism or maybe an avoidance tactic, but I don’t care. When I’ve felt desperate, I’ve been able to create something. And it never is some kind of Picasso or Mozart piece, but it’s something that I can pour some energy into and focus my brain power on creating something instead of dwelling on loss.

Anyway, just wanted to pass along an alternative way to think about a desperate moment that could work for you ladies.

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