Skincare Shortcuts

t’s our largest organ but somehow we don’t proportionally spend the most time in caring for our skin. Now let’s be clear, I don’t want to spend anymore time on anything — life is too busy and sometimes when it’s not busy, I just don’t even want to move off of the couch.

But I do want to make sure I am taking care of my skin for health reasons and because it just feels good to have healthy skin. There are tons of beauty articles with all kinds of product recommendations so this is written with an eye towards practical tips and shortcuts. (note; we don’t get any commission from any of these recommendations:)

  1. Moisturize everywhere – immediately out of the shower and this seems to last all day. When it’s winter or when I’m feeling dry, I add in a drop of Argan oil with my lotion. There are all kinds of facial moisturizers and I’m sure you’ve found one that works for you. I find that the price point doesn’t really matter and just use one that is the right “weight” and feel for you. I like Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Cream.
  2. Sunscreen – This might or not be in your moisturizer. I’ve tried many different kinds and the one that works best for feel touch and that non-residue feeling for me is SuperGoop. For the face I like Kiehls tinted moisturizer with sunscreen because I’m doing my “makeup” at the same time.
  3. Lips – Each night after I wash my face and brush my teeth I scrub my lips a bit with the washcloth then put on the old standard stand by Vaseline.
  4. Face & Neck – You probably already have your daytime and nighttime facial cream. I’m advocating to add in a serum each night for your face & neck. This is a 3-5 second application every night and I switch it up between Vitamin C and anything from the Goldfaden MD line. I also like SkinCeuticals. I have definitely noticed that my skin is so much better because of serums.
  5. Hands & Nails – As part of the after shower moisturize routine, I apply a cuticle oil to my toes and then at night I apply it to my hands. (Sally Hansen makes one and so does OPI, any drugstore version is fine.) And I keep multiple bottles of Neutrogena Norweigen formula hand cream around the house, in the car to remind me to use it particularly because of how much we are washing our hands and using hand sanitizer.

In looking back through that list it looks longer to read it than to actually do it in practice each day. I would say adding up all of the time for the above would be 5-7 min. Max each day and it does have so many benefits.

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