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Refresh Your Look without Drastic Measures

Refresh Your Look Can Change Your Outlook

When you refresh your look, you can feel like a brand new woman. It can make you want to take great selfies, get out into the world and help you feel self-confident again. When you’re newly divorced, you can’t take any of those things for granted.  They all help you feel more positive and reclaim yourself.

While we don’t have a team of fashion designers, hair stylists, and make-up artists on staff, we do have the benefit of a crowd.  We asked women for their favorite ways to refresh your look that don’t require anything drastic.  Here’s some of what they had to say:

  1. Change your color palette

    “I once changed the color of my eyeliner from black to brown. I instantly looked more mature but also softer and more natural. I wasn’t sure at first, but after a few days, I started to really like the way it looked…thanks to a selfie I took and stared at for days! No shame!” – Holly J

  2. Let your hair down, put it up, or let it go natural

    “I used to straighten my hair every day because it was easy and didn’t take much thought. I asked a friend with curly hair what product she used and how she used it. The very next day, my awkward waves looked pretty and styled! All it took was some real-life advice.” – Ashley T

  3. Go back to the basics

    “I was always super intimidated by foundation and concealer. I was afraid I’d get the wrong color and it wouldn’t blend in – or that it’d look caked on! I decided to focus on making my skin look great by itself instead. I got religious about washing my face before bed and in the morning every day, moisturizing daily, and invested in a pore refining toner to make my pores appear less visible.  I also discovered tinted moisturizer, which was perfect for me! My skin looks and feels smooth and I don’t feel the need to put on any foundation…” – Lindsey G

  4. Join the eyebrow party

    “It seems like the world went from thin and pointy eyebrows to thick and bushy eyebrows! I figured I could get on board with that. Less work, right?! I stopped plucking so much and just focused on attacking the strays. It helped me maintain the natural shape of my brows and didn’t take nearly as much time, effort, or pain as the over-plucking days of my past!” Rachel J

  5. Change your mood with lipstick

    “My favorite thing about lipstick is that it can change my entire outlook. I can go from sweet and simple pink to kick-ass red in an instant!  I now have six different ones so I can match them to my mood and outfit.” – Jessica H

  6. Get a makeover

    “I always pass the department store make-up counters because I don’t have enough time.  One day, I said ‘Screw it – I want some damn me-time, and I’m tired of looking tired and dragged out.’ I had that women try so many different things on me. It was a blast!  I didn’t buy a lot that day, but it completely turned my attitude around.  I felt like a woman again!” – Maria G

When you get started, refresh your look in small ways by experimenting.  It’s the perfect way to ease into new looks – and a new, more energized you!

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