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Making Friends After Divorce Means Getting Creative - Chapter 2 Club

Making Friends After Divorce Means Getting Creative

The Usual Places Are Just a Start

While maintaining and even deepening some marital relationships can be important post-divorce, you are transitioning to the next chapter of your life – so why not take this opportunity to welcome new friendships? These new friends can enrich your life with different perspectives, fresh ideas, and interesting activities.  You just have to find them.

Making friends after divorce isn’t what it was in school, where everyone was the same age and in the same place every day. As adults, we interact with people from all walks of life and in a huge variety of circumstances: at work, at your kids’ school, at volunteer and church activities, at the gym, etc.  These are all great places to keep your eyes peeled for potential friend opportunities.

Time to Get Creative

For the best results, however, it helps to get a little more creative.  Expand your search.  Get involved in more activities you enjoy.  Step outside your comfort zone (or at least outside your living room).  Stay aware to see who has friend potential, whether as a bestie or as someone with whom you share an interest or activity.

You could find potential friends at fitness and weight loss classes, and you can bond and support each other toward reaching your health goals.  Another place is the dog park or out on walks.  I just made a new friend at the dog park who is also single and near my age, so now I have a new brunch partner.  Take a language, art, dance, coding or other class.  I took French and made some interesting young friends there.  We have fun going out for wine and practicing our French together. Attend to a Meetup on a topic that interests you.  I just had coffee with someone I met to talk about entrepreneurship.  The possibilities are endless.

They Don’t Need to Be Just Like You

Making friends after divorce doesn’t solely mean finding other divorced women in your same circumstances.  While those women may become great friends and offer helpful support, you can also find other potential friends based on your activities, interests, and lifestyle.  I once went on a couple dates with a guy who ‘set me up’ with a female co-worker.  While the guy and I weren’t right for each other, Hannah has become a close friend.

Keep an open mind not only who your new friends could be but where you could meet them.  Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.  You can really bond with someone who, outwardly seems to have a very different life from your own.  I’ve found my life so much more rewarding post-divorce by keeping a more open outlook.

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