Finding The Right Lawyer for You

Finding the Right Lawyer Is Critical

It can be overwhelming to find a divorce attorney.  It’s not like you’re going to bump into one at Starbucks.  Finding the right lawyer requires a little legwork.  Here are four ways to get your search started.

Consult friends who had a good experience

The only upside to divorce being so incredibly common is that the chance you know a divorced person is also pretty high. Find people whom you know had a relatively drama-free divorce and have a good working relationship with their Ex.  Ask them about their attorney and the process and about any advice they can share. Consider them your Mister Miagi of Divorce.

Reach out to your larger community

It takes about three minutes to go to a community Facebook page and find a toaster for $10 or less. Who says finding an attorney can’t be this simple? Before you search Google or spend too much time reading corny legal ads, ask your community for recommendations.  Ask them why they liked their lawyer, what qualities they found useful, how it all turned out, etc.

Get a referral from the American Bar Association

The American Bar Association (ABA) is an amazing resource to find a lawyer for many reasons. It is completely unbiased and you won’t get a recommendation for someone’s brother who’s “a great guy” (but maybe not the best lawyer). An ABA approved lawyer must meet specific requirements, pass exams, and be recommended by their peers to even be an option for referral through the ABA. Two points for being even more confident in your decision!

Other referral sources

Avvo is one resource that has gotten good reviews.  Some of our readers have shared this is a good resource for information.  Additionally, you can find resources specific to your state or community, as well as ones that provide financial aid or legal services at reduced cost for those who need them.

Once you’ve identified some potential attorneys, check out our guide to interviewing them to ensure you’re getting the best legal representation possible.

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