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Divorce Process Check List - Chapter 2 Club

Divorce Process Check List

I love lists. If I don’t write something down, I won’t remember to do it. Maybe that depletes my ability to recall things from memory but it sure helps me to get things done. When my divorce process started it was really useful for me to make a list of all the logistical things I needed to take care of. This was my personal list but you might find it useful for yourself through your process. 

Prior to telling your spouse/partner or as soon as your spouse/partner tells you it’s over:

  1. Open solo bank account
  2. Get your own credit card
  3. Find/consult with a mediator/lawyer and file for divorce/separation
  4. Tally up all assets / gather all documents (tax returns, house title, financial statements, w-9’s, car value, furniture value, personal items value like jewlery, etc.)
  5. Tally up all monthly expenses (utility bills, credit card statements, mortgage, insurance, gas, groceries, activities, kids’ activities, etc.)
  6. Therapy: set up therapist for yourself
  7. Online research: Use the internet for research/support
  8. If not working: Start taking classes/save money/find extra paid work or a job
  9. If working: save extra money, find extra work
  10. Exercise/journal/meditate

While you’re going through the process:

  1. MSA (marriage settlement agreement) – write it up then get second opinion
  2. Living Trust and Will – dissolve joint trust and create solo one
  3. House: Once house is decided, get off title or get him off title
  4. Housing: Look for new housing or have him look for new housing
  5. Bank Accounts and Credit Cards: Separate all joint accounts and open solo accounts
  6. Financial Advisor/Retirement Accounts: Update Financial advisor/retirement/stock accounts
  7. CPA: Contact CPA for tax filing
  8. Auto Bill Pay: Update auto pay and address on all accounts 
  9. Name change: Update name on all accounts (DMV/Social security) if you are taking over an account or if he’s taking over an account
  10. Auto: Update title on car/change ownership/insurance/registration/driver license
  11. Home Owner’s Insurance: Update home owners insurance
  12. Jewelry Insurance – take over or sell ring and cancel
  13. Health insurance – get on Cobra or find new solo plan
  14. Dental/vision insurance – get on Cobra or find new solo plan
  15. Life insurance – take over payment/get on solo plan
  16. Long term care insurance – take over payment/get on solo plan
  17. Cell phone – get on own plan
  18. Change of address – make a list and update all change of address (bills, assets, friends, family, providers, etc.)
  19. Notify people: Select good day/time (not around a birthday or holiday) to tell the kids together, then family and then friends.
  20. Notify kids teachers
  21. Therapy: Set up therapy for kids

And there you have it. Please let us know if you have any items to share to this list that I am forgetting so we can help each other out. 

Do you have a question for us? Ask it HERE.

Do you have a divorce story to share? Tell us HERE.

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