Diet and Exercise: Your Friends with Benefits

Time to Take Control with Diet and Exercise

Girl, you know what I’m going to say: it’s time to GET MOVING! Your separation from your spouse is fantastic motivation to separate the Chips Ahoy from the pantry.  The end of your relationship has caused a massive wave of change in your life.  That makes it the perfect time to take care of your body and reap amazing benefits. It’s time for diet and exercise to become a lifelong habit.

Focusing on your physical health provides brain and body benefits.  And you may as well work your ass off at the time time that you work off anger and all those other negative emotions.  You’ll get endorphin highs, strong muscles and bone, more energy, better sleep, and clearer thinking.  There’s no better way to feel energized and empowered!

Diet and Exercise Are The Ultimate Friends With Benefits

To give you a little more motivation, let’s dive a bit deeper into the benefits of these buddies.

  1. Your Skin

    Remember in high school when girls detoxed off chips and chocolate during prom week so they wouldn’t get a zit? While the jury’s still out on whether specific foods can cause acne, it is true that your diet shows up in your skin.  Eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water helps maintain moisture, increase elasticity, and deliver essential nutrients to your skin cells.

  2. Your Strength

    Diet and exercise make you strong mentally as well as physically.  When you feel strong and capable in your body, you are not only less likely to get depressed and ruminate, you are more resilient, positive, and able to focus and concentrate.  You’re essentially arming yourself with a new (and more healthy) mindset. You are strong. You can overcome anything. While you can’t prevent emotional pain, you are better able to handle it and recover more quickly when you’re in good physical shape.  And you can kick some ass, too!

  3. Your Family’s Health

    If you have kids, you know they learn from you, even (maybe especially) when you’re not setting a good example. Show your kids that health is a priority. Walk the talk.  Healthy food can taste good, and exercise can be fun. Your motivation can benefit all of you, and their enthusiasm can keep you going.  Most kids and teens aren’t getting enough exercise or the right nutrition, so by including everyone in the diet & exercise plan, you’ll all reap huge benefits – together!

  4. Your confidence

    You might not feel ready to date, and that’s okay. Your level of confidence affects more than just romantic relationships. You will feel more successful at work, in your circle of friends, and with your family if you are self-confident. Investing hard work into your health and body is something to be proud of, and people admire that in a person. Confidence is attractive. When you do feel ready to date again, you will really, really appreciate that boost of confidence.

  5. Your discipline

    Self-discipline is HARD. We all can’t be perfect. Guilty pleasures are easy to come by with our processed food, terrible (amazing) TV shows, evil work snacks, snooze alarms, and drive thru everythings. Taking control of your body is not only empowering, it’s smart. It’s a daily investment in your future. The better you treat it, the better it will treat you, especially as you get older. Instilling good diet and exercise habits will serve you well in all domains of life.

It’s Worth It

You will feel good in your skin. You will be proud of how far you’ve come. You will have a happy, healthy family. You will attract happy people into your life because you are a happy person that values your well-being and takes pride in yourself. If that ain’t motivation, I don’t know what is.  Now get out there!

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