Co-Habitating During A BreakUp

Malinee speaks with Dr. Lynn Saladino about how to live with your ex during a breakup.

After earning a BA with honors in Psychology from Fairfield University, I completed a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. While at Nova, I was accepted into a program for the study of Health Psychology, which offered training and education in health and wellness. This has been my lifelong passion, so can be seen woven into each element of my work.

My clinical training took place in a variety of settings, such as the Boston VA Healthcare System, Suffolk University Counseling Center, and Tufts University. Although I conducted research throughout my work at places such as Boston University and the Miami VA Neuropsychology Center (and many more), I have always focused my attention on honing clinical skills and applying research in practical ways to client care. I am truly grateful I have the opportunity to apply my years of education and experience to my private practice, corporate workshops, and bi-monthly column in Health Magazine.

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