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There are hundreds of articles about dealing with the law & financial matters in going through a divorce. We went through tons of them and consulted with top professionals and from our own experience with divorce, we’ve written this section and developed videos that we think are the most important issues you will most likely come across. We have defined and explained terms and phrases with the hopes when you do sit down with a professional about your own specific circumstance, you’ll be better equipped and knowledgeable. As circumstances are different depending on your situation and by each state, please seek professional advice.

  • Law & Finance

    Splitting Up Retirement Assets During a Divorce – Everything You Need to Know

    Retirement Assets Defined: Retirement assets are assets that one uses to help fund a retirement. Examples of retirement assets include 401ks, IRAs, annuities, and pensions. Oftentimes, during a divorce, these assets are divided amongst the former spouses. The Importance of Retirement Assets: If you are going through a divorce, then retirement assets are one of …

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