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There are hundreds of articles about dealing with the law & financial matters in going through a divorce. We went through tons of them and consulted with top professionals and from our own experience with divorce, we’ve written this section and developed videos that we think are the most important issues you will most likely come across. We have defined and explained terms and phrases with the hopes when you do sit down with a professional about your own specific circumstance, you’ll be better equipped and knowledgeable. As circumstances are different depending on your situation and by each state, please seek professional advice.

  • Law & Finance

    Tips for cultivating the relationships between kids in a blended family

    ELISE BUIE, Esq. Elise Buie, Esq. is a family and divorce lawyer and founder of the ​Elise Buie Family Law Group​. A survivor of Hurricane Katrina, her own divorce, and many dish-filled sinks piled high after lively family dinners with her husband, Doug, and their blended family of six (six!) teens and 20-somethings, Elise knows …

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