Victoria Wobber, PhD, CPCC

Are you looking to get back into the workforce or need to know how to transition into a new career? Watch this workshop with Career Coach and Consultant Tory Wobber.

I enjoy working with high achievers to see more than the treadmill because this is the path that I myself have been on! I’ve got 3 degrees from Harvard. I worked at Facebook and Google. By many people’s standards, those are great checkboxes to tick on any high-achiever-list.

In 2020, I made the choice to start my own business and move to Mexico. I find that I am more fulfilled living in line with my own life’s purpose than checking off boxes on a canonical list.

What I want for you is that you create what a fulfilling looks like for you. Your definition may differ from every other person on the planet. You may derive fulfillment from checking the canonical boxes – if so, that’s wonderful! You may want to leave all those boxes unchecked – and that’s wonderful too! What I want is for you to be able to make conscious choices about where you spend your time and energy. I’m here to help you pause, see your options, and make those conscious choices.

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